Shing02 – [For the Tyme Being 2] – Tracks 4-7

Shing02 & DJ Icewater – For the Tyme Being 2:
4. Rooftop Choreography
5. Ameri
6. Angels and Demons
7.Gala Dress Remix

クルマで日本一周してる時に、車内で聴いてたCDの一つ。 Details »

Nomak / The Universe / 宇宙

Nomak is back and how!!

Take a journey through the Universe with Nomak.

Enjoy this great track from his latest album called:
Dynamic Meditation Instrumental Limited

Music info

Artist: Nomak
Title: The Universe
Album: Dynamic Meditation Instrumental Limited
Year: 2010
Label: hugesoul
Genre: Instrumetal Hip Hop

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DJ Whitesmith 『WE ALL VICTIMS』 Album Mix Video

DJ Whitesmith好き。かっこ良すぎる。この動画も。 Details »

Nujabes – Winter Lane (Remix)

Nujabes – Winter Lane (Remix)

Featuring DSK

Hydeout Productions 2nd Collection

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Shing02-Luv(sic) Part3~weather ver.mix by Solinity~

Shing02-Luv(sic) Part3~weather ver.mix by Solinity~ Details »